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Top 10 Karnataka based Social Startups & NGOs in India

In the past ten years, many NGOs and social change organizations have grown in India, but very few have expanded due to their size and impact on society. After all, it is a titanic task to venture into the red tapism of government in order to be able to find an NGO in the first place, and even donations and sponsorships are not easy to obtain. Despite all these obstacles, there are several NGOs & Startups that have made a great social impact in India so far.

We've curated Top 10 Social Startups & NGOs from Karnataka, India who are working noticeably to solve specific social issues in their regions.
1. Mahesh Foundation

Mahesh Foundation is a non-governmental organization working for the welfare of children and youth affected by HIV/AIDS in society by ensuring them education and encouraging them to fight against HIV/AIDS deadly disease. Mahesh Foundation established a care home in the year 2010 for medically challenged children. A safe home that provides nutrition, healthcare, education, love, and affection to the orphan children. Over the 9 years, Mahesh Foundation has extended the support to over 2000 medically challenged children. While in the foundation the children complete their high school and are ready to pursue either vocational training or attend under graduation.

2. Agastya International Foundation

Founded in April 1999, Agastya International Foundation is a charitable education trust that runs one of the world's largest mobile hands-on science education programs for economically disadvantaged children and teachers. Through all its programs, Agastya has reached over 12 million children and 2,50,000 teachers in 21 states in India.

3. Dream A Dream

Started in 1999, Dream a Dream works with 10,000 young people a year through our two innovation labs – After School Life Skills Programme and Career Connect Programme and have trained over 9828 teachers/educators from 206 partners impacting over 2,45,700 children and have impacted over 1 million children through strategic partnerships with state governments in Delhi, Jharkhand, Karnataka, Telangana and Uttarakhand.

4. The/Nudge Foundation India

The/Nudge Foundation is an Indian non-profit organization. it had been established in July 2015 in Bengaluru. The foundation’s focus areas are poverty and unemployment in India. it’s some notable backers including US-based philanthropy group The Rockefeller Foundation, TATA Trusts, Paytm, Nandan Nilekani, and InMobi. Under these impact streams, The/Nudge has uplifted over 15 million lives as of 2020.

5. Belgaum Animal Rescue And Care

Belgaum Animal Rescue and Care (BARC) organization Belagavi has come forward to take up the challenge to provide a permanent solution to the problem without harming the dogs. The stray dog menace can be curbed with systematic and proper methodology and the members of BARC have come forward to take up the responsibility.

6. RAPID - Rehabilitative Assistance for People in Distress

Rehabilitative Assistance for People in Distress (RAPID) is an NGO serving Women in Dharwad since 2001. They assemble rehabilitative take care of Single Women, Single Mothers and ladies in distress by creating social and economic opportunities through counseling, education, skill development and employment.

7. Inchara Foundation

Inchara Foundation, a registered non-profit organisation is primarily that specialize in girls (children & adolescents) who are victims of sexual assault, helping them with rehabilitation process, trauma counselling and skill development activities for self dependency.

8. eVidyaloka

eVidyaloka may be a not-for-profit organization that focuses on transforming the tutorial landscape of rural India. Registered under the Trusts Act, the organization creates digital classrooms for kids in remote villages, with the support of local communities and Volunteer Teachers from across the world.

9. Guardians of Dreams

Guardians of Dreams could be a startup non-profit organisation that works with children in need of care and protection who become older in Child Care Institutions (CCIs) like orphanages, open shelters, observation homes, adoption centres etc. There are 2 crore children classified as orphans within the country, out of which approx. 5000 children live in CCIs per urban district.

10. CUPA (Compassion Unlimited Plus Action)

Compassion Unlimited Plus Action (CUPA) is a non-profit, non-government organization setup in 1991 by Miss Crystal Rogers, a British woman who wrapped up a life in England to start a first-ever shelter in the region that would take in suffering animals and provide a safe space for healing and happiness. The well-established animal welfare organization runs seven centers in Bangalore, including a veterinary hospital and a geriatric center.

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