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About the cohort

A 2-week startup cohort where you will become familiar with the necessary business abilities, marketing, design, strategy, operations, supply chain and finance by building an eCommerce Business live from Day 1 of cohort.

Towards the finish of the cohort, you will be a piece of a newly launched eCommerce startup homegrown in your college with your companions.

Who can apply?

This cohort is organized exceptionally for undergrads (UG and PG) autonomous of their field of study. All we want is you being an imaginative, inventive and innovative person.

UG & PG Students

Any field of study

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What will you be learning?

Stage 1

Ideation and Business Planning

A lot of research and planning goes behind any successful startup. 

Woman with Crate of Vegetables

Stage 3

Supply Chain, Finance & Logistics

Though these may sound difficult but the proper study & planning can make it easier.

Sorting and Cataloging Inventory

Stage 2

Design and Developement

Design the platform every customer craves for, it requires lots of iterations & research.


Stage 4

Marketing, Sales and Management

Learn what it takes to grow, scale and generate revenue in a eCommerce startup.

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Outcomes from the cohort

Be a co-founder of a brand new eCommerce startup with other members of the cohort

Get certified as a cohort member and receive project completion certificate 

Own your equity and poition in the newly launched eCommerce startup

"Valuable assets come at a cost"

Real learning and experience come at a cost, freebies are undervalued.


Live Session

30+10 mins

27th June, 2021

7PM IST Onwards

Registered for the Cohort

Apply for the Cohort by clicking the link below. Further confirmation of whether selected or not will be communicated via email.

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